Mission Statement

Our aim is to promote professionalisation in the German foundation business and so further strengthen the increasing social significance of foundations as a whole.


Our service improves management transparency and efficiency in foundations, associations and businesses.

  • As an independent consultancy firm, we are free to choose the partners (e.g: software companies) with whom we create solutions for our clients.

  • Most of all, we like to see ourselves as 'external interns' who develop and implement the specifically best solutions derived from the foundation or business advised. It is not our policy as consultants to offer standard solutions and then select the 'right' clientele to fit the scheme.

  • Any organisation can quickly recognise, in the impulses fed in and the proven successes resulting from our past projects, the kinds of beneficial returns and concrete advantages that derive from working together with us.

  • We have a high level of competence and extensive experience in the structuring of all relevant management processes at our disposal for sponsoring-type, working-type and supportive-type foundations.

  • The methods we have cultivated of working closely, confidentially and flexibly together with our clients have taken us successfully from our small beginnings as a 'software boutique' to what we are to-day. Many of our clients now regard us as trustworthy partners of long standing not only for questions of systems techniques, but also for working to formulate organisational and strategic structures and processes together.

  • As prime contractor, we take responsibility for the quality of strategy and content in our projects –from the first information-gathering discussion up to the successful implementation of new structures, processes and employees.