About VPC

Together with our long-standing clients, we work as an outsourced location for strategy, computer/IT, control and/or business administration. We create the requirements for good reporting and control in their organisations.

In addition, we construct the business control, control regarding the content of the project and the organisation by using the appropriate state-of-the-art instruments without oversizing in the process. The regular objective concerns saving expenditure on the client's resources while implementing professional structures and activities.

We have gained unique expertise through our clear focus on branches, our tightly-meshed network in foundation matters and our experience in numerous projects. Our clients and project partners are also employing us increasingly as impulse generators for the strategic and further development of their organisation regarding content.

We have also been working more and more frequently, via personal recommendation, for project-orientated service providers. Similar to the foundations, the challenge here consists in keeping the client's structures pared down while managing growth and developing integrated business control systems. We assist in this as highly competent external project managers for the development of employees, teams and organisations –and this has meanwhile also come to be the case in our partnerships of long standing.